The work

My work is surprisingly manual and low tech.  All my carvings are performed freehanded, by hand and eye, with a high speed router.  My work is incredibly accurate  and far superior in detail, as compared to automated processes.  Router bits smaller than 1/16th" reveal the finest detail of each map. I build all my own panels from rough lumber, one at a time.   The carved areas of the plaque are stained dark, while the plaque itself is finished in its natural color with a satin polyurethane finish. Your map is ready to be wall hung and is equipped with 1 or more 3/8" hang slots routed into the back.


Typical starting size is about 1 sq. ft. for smaller lakes, and 2 ft or more for larger more complex lakes.  Proportion is variable and is determined by the shape of the lake.  I research map and aerial photo data and provide a broad range of sizes and prices, or I can size to fit a budget or dimensional requirement.  I can include adjoining lakes or rivers on the same plaque and in some cases, I can do just a portion of a lake. All my work is made to order, so customization is not a problem.


Carvings are priced primarily upon size of plaque in square feet.  I can size to fit a price point, or dimensional requirement.

The following list provides a standard starting point for most projects.  Highly complex lake basins and/or wood and edging upgrades  can add additional cost.  Actual dimensions are variable and determined by the shape of the lake.

Dimension        area         price         $/ft²

12" x 12"      1.0 ft²     $195    $195/ft

15" x 15"      1.5 ft²     $265    $175/ft

17" x 17"      2.0 ft²     $325    $162/ft

19" x 19"      2.5 ft²     $395    $158/ft

21" x 21"      3.0 ft²     $465    $155/ft

24" x 24"      4.0 ft²     $595    $150/ft

27" x 27"      5.0 ft²     $725    $145/ft

33" x 33"      7.5 ft²     $1050  $140/ft

38" x 38"    10.0 ft²     $1400  $140/ft




My plaques feature several distinctive edging options, round-over, routed, molded, molded+ and full-frame.  Rustic plaques feature bark edges.

The Deal

I typically require a deposit  minimum $100, check, PayPal or credit card.  High end or highly customized pieces may require more.  Lead time can be 8-12 weeks depending on current backlog. Upon completion, I email photo and request balance due, then ship upon final payment.













Any plaque or table can be personalized. Most commonly, a cabin or lake home location is labeled on the shoreline discreetly with a small star or cabin symbol, and accompanying line of text, like a last name or cottage name. Other notable locations can be noted too, though I prefer to not "clutter up" a carving with too much lettering